Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Sprouts have a Big Visit

This is Sister Green.  She, Sister Havea, and Miss Diane came at 7:00am to help get ready for a tour from a mother's day out group called "Little Sprouts".
 First step in getting ready for the tour is to make sure the manure is picked up and put in a neat BIG pile.
 Next step is making sure all the animals are clean and fed.  Bucky is all ready for the visit.
 These "Little Sprouts" get an introduction to the big animals before they go out into the field for some close encounters of the big, hairy and feathered kind.

For some it was easier to bring the goat "kids" to the "Sprout Kids".
All these "Little Sprouts" and their wonderful mommies enjoyed their visit.  We hope they will come back when they are teens and help with barn chores!

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