Friday, August 6, 2021

Fond Farewell to Fudgie


This dear little dog came to us with a dozen others from Pueblo.  He was rescued from a group of people that use small dogs to frenzy Dogs before a fight.  He came here June 20th 2006 and was several years old.  He was overweight and scared.  A dozen of these little guys were placed with good adoptive owners  Fudgie remained here.  On one of his adventures, his eye was dislodged.  Dr. Dale Rice from Three Peaks Veterinary was able to put his eye back in and he kept his vision.  Today Fudgie was released to travel over the Rainbow bridge where he can run and play in green grass under clear blue skies.  Thanks to all who helped with his care over the years and to those who took care of him and eased him on his journey today!

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