Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Shared Passion from Nextdoor.com

In the next few weeks you’ll all be making the “we need to rehome our pet“ posts.  These are the people who purchase puppies, kittens, rabbits, ducks, goats, etc. as Christmas gifts or COVID companions who are suddenly allergic, moving, have a baby, or just don’t have timePossibly, their kids also don’t take on the responsibility of pet ownership. They never thought the pet would grow to be so big, didn’t think they’d shed, didn’t think they needed so much food and spaceThe problem is 90% of unwanted pets end up in kill shelters.  


Allow me to break it down for you:

1. You didn’t know you had an allergy? Oops don’t let the pets suffer, buy some allergy pet medicine

2. You’re moving? What city are you moving to that does not allow dogs? Bullshitville? You do have a responsibility to your living, breathing family member to plan ahead and find a house, apartment or condo that will allow your furry friend. I would be HOMELESS with my pet before giving them up!

3. Oh, you had no idea you were due to have a baby in two months... didn’t know that’s how it worked? Get a dog trainer and remember that the pet was your child first.

4. Don’t have time to let a dog out or to have a dog just sit next to you while you’re home? Really? So they are better off in a shelter than waiting in your house for you to get home? OK, perhaps get another pet to keep them company or look for a local dog sitter.

5. You mean your five-year-old didn’t step up to the plate to feed, walk, and scoop poop like they promised? I guess it’s time for you to step up and role model for your child.

6. Wrong size? Not cute as an adult? Sheds too much? Barks? Breathes? Not quite the personality you expected? Look in the mirror, how do you turn out?  Should we send you back? Guess what? If the roles were reversed, your dog would NEVER LET YOU GO!

Thank you Claire Guthrie, We Sit For You, Nextdoor.com 


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