Friday, April 29, 2016

Mare due to Foal

This lovely mare is due to foal soon.  She was rescued from a kill pen by Terolyn last month.  Thanks to Jay for setting up this foal watch.  Here are are the directions so that you can watch for when the foal comes.
Download swannview plus app for phone.
Go to top left corner-3 bars.
Go to devices.
Go to top right and push + button.
Enter alias-foal watch.
Tap UID not register mode and put in
WFX8MRB4X8MCH4CA111A all caps.
Tap password and put in 12345.
Go to top right corner and save.
Hit start viewing. Should see four boxes top left will show video. Tap twice on box to make it full screen. Contact Jay if you need help at 303-888-9435.

1 comment:

  1. So enjoyable to watch her, and she looks so sweet with that belly. Jackie Levell