Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hay from heaven or really Dana and Peggy

The load of donated hay arrived early in the morning. It came from Dana and Peggy in Franktown. Chris is related to an alpine goat and so his job was to go on top and get bales down. Zack's job was to throw the bales off the truck. His goal was to bowl over his brother, Jacob!

Robert and Brandon were the stackers. They made time to help us before leaving to go to Cheyenne Frontier Days where Brandon will be riding in an exhibition drill team demonstration.

Here Brandon supervises the ladies as they move the hay to the stacks.

Halfway done and time for a break and a chance to change jobs in case anyone thinks any of the jobs working with hay is easy!

Still resting and Jacob thinks he might take a turn at bowling for brothers by taking a turn on the truck.

We could not feed all our rescued animals without donations like this precious load of hay!!!!! We had to finish before the day got too hot. A great big THANK YOU to our wonderful benefactors Dana and Peggy. We were wondering how we could get in the hay for the winter and here they came.

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