Thursday, November 22, 2012

Max revisits his Eagle Project

Max shows where he left his scout mark in the cement of the feed room floor.  This job took many hours of hard work in the heat and dust of the barn.  The 4 yards of cement had to be rolled into the barn one wheelbarrow at a time!  His troop members were working right there with him.  Cement on the feed-room floor saved the Edwards Foundation almost $100 a month.  Moisture could seep into the dirt and cause the hay to spoil.  The mice had freeway tunnels to the grain storage and helped themselves to an endless supply of oats.  No more!  Thank you Max!
 Family and friends come out to see the proof of all that planning and hard work.  For a second project, Max built a bi-level feeder with trays.  This allows all sizes of animals to feed at the same time and the tray prevents waste of food.  As you can see the animals love their deluxe feeder.
 Max and his brother demonstrate that this feeder is built to last.  When Chuck the Zebu tried to polish his horns on a corner post, it did not move even an inch!  When we want to move it it separates into two parts with the removal of a couple of bolts.
Max received scouting's most prestigious award- the Eagle Badge.  Statistics show that only 2 out of 100 scouts are able to achieve this rank.  After Troop 127's Eagle Scout Court of Honor,  Max's friends and family came to visit to see the proof of all his hard work.

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