Friday, August 28, 2015

Girl scout troop 2797

 The woman power of the girls in troop 2797 spent 2 days working on they're projects.
at previous meetings they had built and painted homes for mason bees.  on this weekend they completed the rest of their projects, here they show the goat Nani the rebuilt pancake pen.

 Here they test out the strengths of the rebuilt floor in our hay feeders.
 They painted this wall and hung plaques in loving memory of animals and volunteer's who have been here and gone on to greener pastures.  they power washed the walls and the floors so they are clean enough to sit on and lay on.
 They cleaned the stalls and bought new and designed new name tags.
 They power washed and repainted the chicken house and had time to give the chickens special attention.
They ordered a truck full of gravel which they spread in the chicken and duck run and again had time to give fowl TLC. What a wonderful work day, we appreciate them helping us so much, the animals say come again because we love the attention!

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