Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teamwork saves Toby the pony!!!!!

Tyler Skiba generously paid Toby a visit from Fluorescent, CO. He trimmed his hooves that were deformed due to founder. He specializes in helping horses with this injury. Toby's founder was caused by an excess of sugar, spring grass, and protein in his diet. Toby is now on a strict diet of soaked hay.

 Dr. Dale Rice consults with his team and Tyler on treatment options for Toby.
This is Dr. Shannon Reed, part of Dr. Rice's team, alongside Tyler, discussing treatment options for Toby.

Kim Frye, a vet tech, part of Dr. Rice's team, standing Toby on an X-ray plate to see how much damage has been done to the foot structure.

Dr. Reed examines the degree of rotation to the coffin bone in order to evaluate the amount of damage. This team uses state of the art X-ray equipment that eliminates wait time and allows them to begin treatment immediately.

This X-ray shows minimal rotation and makes us all optimistic that Toby will be able to regain soundness. Everybody gave a cheer!

To contact the team, you may reach Dr. Dale Rice at Three Peaks Veterinary

Dr. Shannon Reed may be reached at

Tyler Skiba, Farrier Service, may be reached at 303-842-2629

Thank you to everyone that offered their services to the foundation to help Toby!

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