Saturday, May 31, 2014

New residents Stormy and Bandit

 Stormy is a mini and Bandit is a pygmy- fainting-angora?goat.  They are best friends.  Their mother was very sad that she had to find a new home for her little boys.  They will have many new friends here.  Nathan and Millie the llamas greet first.  Dealer of course has his nose in their greetings.  Lamborghini the sheep is heading over to say hi.
                                         Goldie comes by to say hello to the two new boys.

                  Volunteers Grace, Selena and Kellen take Stormy and Toby for a walk.
This is the wonderful crew of greeters and helpers who came to give Smokey and Bandit a royal welcome and also to wish Grace a Happy Birthday.  Not many young ladies would choose to spend their birthday cleaning stalls and brushing animals.  There is Mike, Grace, Stephen, Mike, Roxanne, Laura, Matthew, Ken, Selena, Kellen, and Jennifer.  What a wonderful greeting the two new boys got!!  What a wonderful crew of volunteers we have.  We could not do this without them!!!!!!!

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