Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chihuahua marathon.

We got a request from a lovely lady in Pueblo who had seen the article about us in the Denver Post "Colorado Kids" section November 22nd. She had rescued 12 Chihuahua mix dogs and needed to place them before the animal control took them to the pound. LaDean was afraid they would be "adopted" for bait dogs. Some people throw small dogs to pit bulls to create a fighting frenzy. OMG!!!!!
She and her daughter brought 9 of these dogs to us and they were welcomed into loving forever homes.
Knieshia took Butterscotch and Cocoa to be part of their family.
Kirstin and Dawson picked Chocolate'

Barbara and her husband took both Romeo and Bear into their family
We have four left to be placed. This is Fudge. He is a six year old male
Here are Jada Faith, Cacahuete and Lovie. All are loves! Come visit them.

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