Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing Give trims

This is Chelsea from Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing. Sometimes you have to be a gymnast to be able to trim short legged burros! All the animals were glad to get their feet trimmed for spring.
Chelsea and Rene make a good trimming team for the minis -Hannah the burro and Toby the pony. They donated their services to help the animals. Thank You!!!!
Rene is so gentle with Toby. Wish I had pictures of him working with colt Corbin. It was so magic I forgot to take pictures! He got Corbin to stand still and be brushed without a halter--only his gentle voice and body language!
Our volunteer Diane came to help hold Goldie. Since Goldie is old and stiff, Chelsea gave her many rest times.

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