Monday, October 9, 2023

Thank You From Hercules

Thank You From Hercules  

On Saturday night, we walked out to do night feed and noticed Hercules was in major distress.
We quickly decided to make an emergency vet call to the Littleton Equine Medical Center.
There was a quick response to our call as the attending veterinarian Chevalier made the haul all the way from Littleton to the animal rescue, even after hours. 
They where able to treat Hercules expertly and gave us what instructions we needed to do to nurse Hercules back to health. 

Today we are happy to report that Hercules is doing much better, and is eating well!

Thank you to the Littleton Equine Medical Center and to Chevalier for coming out to Edwards so late
and providing care to Hercules so fast and expertly.  

Emergency, after hour, vet bills like this are costly. If you would like to donate and help us continue to provide the necessary care for these animals, click HERE or the link below.

Everything helps, Thank you. 

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