Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bridget and Steve flip over Pancake

Bridget and Steve met a sweet Nubian girl by the name of Pancake. When Pancake did some damage at her residence she was slated to be sold to slaughter. These two friends decided to band together to save this sweet goat. They transported her for many miles and finally ended up at The Edwards Foundation where they were warmly welcomed on a cold afternoon. They bought Pancake a pretty pink collar and made a generous donation.

Pancake got a royal salute and a "comparison of horns" greeting from Whiskers the ruling Pygmy goat and Molly her lady in waiting Zebu.

Pancake became good friends with Lamborgini the horned sheep.

Her favorite food is the bloat block with molasses and minerals.

She started and finished her first meal with this block--a dessert that she shared with Tom Turkey. Come visit her. She loves people and has made many friends so far. She says "Thank You".... to Bridget and Steven.

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