Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Executive Internship Students Host Cherokee Trail Students

Miranda and Rachel are Executive Intern Students with Cherry Creek schools. They're seniors practicing in their fields of interest for half of their senior year. Rachel wants to be a teacher and Miranda wants to be a Nurse and work with horses. They combined their final project into a field trip for students with special needs. The first animal to greet the students was Molly, a Zebu who loves visitors.

Rachel and Miranda explain how Molly is a sacred cow from India.

Miranda explains how to brush Honey, a 32 year old quarter horse.

Two kids getting to know each other.

Coq-au-vin bonding with his new friend.

Everyone helps to unload a truck full of donated produce from Sunflower
Market, the animals love it!

Miranda and Rachel are so happy that the kids had a great time!

They all celebrated with a presentation of blue ribbons.

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