Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hay Delivery

 Greg Kearns of Blue Moon Carriages and the best hay delivery service. He got us the most beautiful hay all the way from Glenwood Springs, Colorado and made sure to get it here before the rain and hail! Thank you Greg and thank you for all of the generous donations that helped to pay for this hay!

Greg has the most wonderfully engineered unloading system that includes ramps and chains and pulleys. This helps to get the hay unloaded and stack it neatly for storage. 

This is Greg making sure that everything is going smoothly. He is the best of the best!

The front end of the stack is being unloaded. The operation went smoothly and took less than an hour so Greg could get home to his beautiful family.

All stacked and delivered, just waiting for the volunteers to get it into the barn before the storm!

This is the unloading mechanism used to unload the hay. Before leaving, Greg thought he would put a call into his friend Eric to come help get the hay under cover before the storm.

Here is Eric with the Bobcat and its hay moving claws!

Eric uses this magnificent machine to pick up a dozen bales of hay at a time! Eric came right away from Colorado Springs to help out. You can see the storm clouds quickly gathering in the background.

This machine can reach the top of the hay and can pick up an entire section off of the top. 

The storm is building so the hay is headed for the shed!

Still runnin' before the storm.

Moving as fast as he can to get the hay put up.

Volunteer Hunter came to help on his last day in town before heading to Louisiana for the summer.


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