Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicks in the Bathtub!!!

Last week we got 15 assorted chicks from Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch. The kids raised the chicks for a science project. They had to carry them around for two weeks and take care of them. The point of the project was to see if the kids could keep the kids healthy. Each student took care of two chicks, named them, and recorded their growth and wellness.

When the project was done and the grades were given - the school chose our rescue to adopt the chickies because no one else would take them!!!

So we got delivery of these funny looking baby chicks! We thought they'd be fine in the barn with the other chickens and barn fowl - but NOOOOOO it had to snow. So we all traipsed down to the barn, gathered the chicks in a bucket and carried them into the spare bedroom bathtub. We had to plug the drain and make sure the toilet lid was closed so none would drown. We rigged up a heat lamp to keep them warm and then prayed for the weather to get better. Wow - I didn't know how much poop came out of baby chicks!

So I gotta tell you that it stinks to high heaven in the bathroom.... BUT when you see those darling chicks and know that they are safe and will be laying eggs soon, it was well worth it!

Anyone who happens to have olafactory deficet and wants to clean a bathroom - your help will be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. What a great story Lynda, we'll have to stop by and see the new babies. I can just imagine what your bathroom smells like now…

  2. It looks, from the picture, like they are exotic chicks. I used to have Polish Crested and Silkies--they were so sweet. I wish I was in Denver now to help out! Good luck with them!