Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cruel "sport" of tripping a horse

This is the poor mare, Oreo, and her filly Hope. It is a wonder either are here. Oreo is the victim of the cruel Mexican rodeo "sport" of tripping. Maybe you have watched the news about the Mexican rodeo sport of tipping where a rider on a horse grabs a calf by the tail and tips it over, often pulling off the tail or breaking bones. Equally cruel is tripping a running horse by tangling the front feet. This is the mare that was rescued by Joan and with excellent vet care the mare was saved and able to deliver this beautiful filly named Hope. Oreo's knee is getting worse and she is finding it difficult to keep up with Hope.

We have a vet, Dr. Dale Rice, who is donating his services to get an X-Ray and do an evaluation.
Don't really have anything more to say. We will report the findings.

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