Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer haircuts Memorial Day was a WORK DAY!

Judy and her husband are our llama trimming PRO team. This year they also brought a work team to help. Many wonderful volunteers were also on hand. What a TEAM!!!!! Painters painted.

Goat hoof trimmers trimmed.

Llama showed off new haircut.

Judy sheared and clipped and gave immunizations, and gave health exams, and trimmed toes. WHEW!

It took a whole crew just to keep up with Judy.

Pat brought in a pro sheep shearer Lou. Lamborgini was the best behaved sheep of the season. He was glad to be shorn of his heavy coat. Pat donated the fees for his summer makeover and his shots. We all say Thank You!

Here is that coat intact. Who wants to learn how to spin????

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