Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Max and Eagle Scout Project

   This is Max Rodgers from Troop 127 and he has put in 6 months of research and effort to get ready for this day.  He has a command center set up with refreshments for his team. He grabs a quick donut before starting work on his projects; a hay feeder and cement for the feed room floor. 
    This lumber was donated by Alpine Lumber.  Max and his team built a hay feeded off site and brought it here to assemble. 
   This is the finished project there is a high feeder for the big animals and a smaller feeder for the goats.

   Brannan Sand and Gravel donated cement for the Eagle Scout and his team of scouts from Troop 127 to use in the feed room.
   This is Max and his team laying out the cement in the feed room in the heat of summer. We thank everyone; all the Scouts orginized by Max, Alpine Lumber, and Brannan Sand and Gravel for their generous donations.

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