Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scout Patrol 280 on St. Paddy's Day

Edwards was proud to welcome all of the boys and their families from Patrol 280 on this lovely day. We were lucky to have a day without windstorms, duststorms, and hailstorms!
Volunteer Ken has the Scouts help feed the animals. Here they're feeding hay to Zebu Chuck.

Volunteer Laura tells these Scouts about goats and how some are de-horned before they arrive. 

After a safe visit, the different Patrols have time for a photo-shoot.

Some photos were taken atop benches provided from Eagle Scout projects. They were interested in learning about future Eagle Scout projects when it will be their turn.

All of the boys were so well mannered. Not only did they stay safe and well themselves, but they brought generous donations to keep the animals safe and well. We hope they all come visit again soon, especially when it's time for their Eagle Projects!

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