Sunday, July 26, 2015

Edwards Foundation and Terolyn Farms proudly present, Operation Feedlot Miracle

Last week, 103 horses were doomed to be loaded and transported for Slaughter! 83 were rescued.. 6 went to TEAM TEROLYN AND EDWARDS FOUNDATION!

Colorado Feed Lot Horses was founded in 2014 by a group of volunteers who wanted to help give a voice to the voiceless and see if anyone would want to take a chance on a horse with little or no history who have a one way ticket to the slaughter house.

In the state of CO, there are 2 slaughter feedlot owners. They purchase horses from auctions here and surrounding states to fulfill contracts for companies who require horses to be processed for consumption. These horses are not processed in the US but rather transported to Canada and Mexico. Currently there is no state or federal law that protects these beautiful animals from getting transported. We have the ability to go to one of these sites and try to save as many as we can! They come in every shape, color and condition. Our goal is to provide the public with information as to what horses are there at any given time. Contrary to popular belief not every horse that ends up in slaughter is emaciated, dangerous or abused. Most of these horses are solid, sound, very well trained but they were horribly dumped at an auction for some reason or another.

Meet Sashay aka "Shay" and Ava. They are both in quarantine and will need homes when they are out. We also are in desperate need for funds to help these horses. If you or anyone you know can help to find a forever home or can donate monetarily please contact us.

Meet Audrey Hepburn aka Drew and Jax, these beauties need a home! We also need help with money for Vet bills, food ect. Please help.

Meet Reeses! Successfully adopted by Debbie and her twins Carmen and Olivia! 

Meet Gambler, Thank you Bailey for naming Gambler. Edwards Foundation rescued this beauty and will be loved by Ryan

Again please contact us if you or someone you know can adopt one of the available four horses! Please also consider making donations to help with vet and food bills. 100% of donations go toward the animals! No donation amt is too small. Please and Thank you! 

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