Saturday, April 15, 2017

Transport of 6 New Rescue Animals

Thanks to the efforts of wonderful volunteer Chris and his daughter Lauren we were able  to do a marathon rescue!  Chris and Lauren picked up 4 Alpacas from Longmonth, CO and delivered them to a wonderful new home with Kathy in  Elizabeth,CO.  And then Chris and his daughter made another run to collect animals from Wayne Thompson in Parker, CO.

Due to ill health Wayne had to leave his property and his animals.  Lauren is making Bucky the Llama feel welcome in his new home.
 Kolbi and Lauren are getting aquainted with Bucky.
 The female Nigerian goat's name is Dina , and the female Alpine Goat is Pepe'.  They were bottle raised by Wayne's late daughter in law.
As the sun sets they are all bedded down in their new home.  We hope Wayne can come visit soon.  A giant thank you to volunteer Chris and his excellent transport and rescue team.  We hope to hear more from them soon!

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