Thursday, September 14, 2017

Terolyn Horse Rescue Fundraiser

Volunteers helped man the booth and help sell raffle tickets and educate people about animals. Edwards animals volunteers help support Terolyn Horse Rescue and all that they do in their efforts to rescue horses from the kill pens, evaluate them, and place them in loving homes.
The Llamas (Millie, and Nathan) enjoy the extra attention. They love to be walked and are very sweet.
Jalee and Josh, our wonderful volunteers, help out the people to walk the ponies, llamas, and goats.
Leah sold her beautiful Jewelry to help out Edwards.
 The volunteers from Edwards animals work together from Terolyn Horse Rescue to help make this fund raise very successful.
 A chance to walk a llama bring in many donations.
As part of raising money, two roosters from Edwards helped to greet visitors.

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