Friday, November 20, 2020

Milk Experiment


The Great Edwards Foundation Milk Experiment

After a visit to Texas Lynda learned that chicken and ducks can get calcium from dairy products. One of the volunteers (Jade) mentioned it to her mother (Brandy) who then donated several gallons of milk to our experiment to see how the animals liked it.

For this experiment we tried sour milk and normal milk. After researching on google we learned it takes one teaspoon of lemon or vinegar per cup and therefor one cup per gallon. We tried one pan with curdled milk and one pan with regular milk. And to sweeten our recipe we added a handful of mealworms.

The chickens LOVED it! We thank our friends in Texas for this great idea!

Now for the second time around we tried normal milk with mealworms mixed in. The ducks were hesitant, and we are not sure if it was because of 
the milk or the color of the bowl. 

 The ducks took a while to get the courage to come up and try a new calcium source. But eventually they came up and tried it.

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