Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunflower Market Thank You!

Jason from Sunflower Market hands many boxes of produce to volunteer JeanLuc who is happy to be waist deep in produce for our hungry rescued animals.

Sunflower Market on Parker Road and Arapahoe donates out dated produce to the Edwards Foundation Animals. Volunteer Andrew salutes Davin, Sunflower's receiving manager as they prepare to load boxes heavy with fruits and vegetables for the animals.

Andrew and Davin can cancel their gym memberships as they get a good workout lifting and sorting.

Lamborgini the sheep anxiously awaits the dispersal of the newly arrived veggies.

Volunteers Kim and Ann have many friends as they dish out the smorgasbord.

Hannah and Sugar especially love spinach and Romaine lettuce.
All the animals say Thank You Sunflower Market!!

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