Thursday, January 3, 2013

Skye, Crested Butte rescue mare adopted

 This is Skye.  She is one of the dozen horses rescued from over fifty that had been abandoned and then claimed by a neighboring rancher, branded and loaded on a truck bound for slaughter in Mexico.
 Wonder of wonders in spite of starvation and health problems, Skye was nursed back to health by Teri.  and Terolyn visitors.  What a surprise when she gave birth to a healthy filly.  This is Ann, who fell in love with Skye and was part of the important team working with the mare.  Even though Ann owned a beautiful Arabian she also opened her heart to Skye and Luna and promised Skye a forever home.
Ryann at Terolyn gives Luna some TLC.  This little filly just eats up attention.  She is a cosmic example of miracles.

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