Thursday, January 3, 2013

Surgery success thanks CSU and Dr Hackett and Dr. Miller

Early morning arrival at CSU.  Teri used her big comfy trailer to haul Dex to Fort Collins teaching hospital.  Our volunteer Roxanne has written a request for reduced rate on this expensive surgery.  Dr. Eileen Hackett and Dr. Brian Miller agreed to do the surgery assisted by vet students 

This is Nathan, a 4th year vet student from Roswell, N.M..  He greets Dex for his early morning check in.

Next Dex is weighed, 954 pounds.  He has doubled his weight since rescue.  Then he is given a mild sedative in the pre-operation room by Nathan.
Then Dex is walked into the surgery room.  The walls are painted a CSU green and they are soft!  The floor is soft like a memory foam bed and the surface is non slip.  Dex is then given anethsetic to go to sleep.  Dr. Miller and Nathan eased him to the floor

This is the surgery team.  Surgery took about an hour.  Dr Eileen Hackett,  Director of the teaching hospital is standing on the right.  Dr. Brian Miller is on the left in the dark blue shirt and student Nathan is doing the closing stitches..
Late afternoon Dex is ready to come home.  Everyone at the Equine center said Dex was well mannered and  as sweet and he could be.  Thanks to all who helped make this surgery possible:  Roxanne who wrote the request and made a framed picture of Dex for the hospital, Dr. Rice who did the initial diagnosis, Teri who did the transport and the handling.  Diane who made special treats for the surgery team, and Dr. Hackett and Dr. Miller and all the vet students who helped to make this day successful.  Also a big thanks to the wonderful people whose donations made this surgery possible.

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