Sunday, September 4, 2022

Chickens go for a spa day!


Three of our chickens needed some help to clear up a foot infection called "Bumble foot." Last week, Eugene and Karen did surgery on two of our chickens. Bumble foot is when a chicken has a cut on their foot and it gets infected. The infection causes a lump on the foot, much like a cornel of corn that needs to be taken out. Our chicken rehab team James and Mimi took on the job to work with our three chickens. We are trying a new strategy of a drying salve called "PRID".

First step is to send the three chickens to James and Mimi's chicken spa.

Next step is to create a chicken spa so that the chickens can get regular foot soaks in Epsom salt solution.

Thanks to Roxanne who had this idea and James and Mimi who created this spa, the chickens get regular soaks. We look forward to the bumble foot infection being resolved and these dear ladies returned to their flock. Thank you to all that helped in this project. 

Update: Chickens at the spa get a walk in the garden.

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