Sunday, September 4, 2022

New Vet, Welcome Dr. Heather Davis


We are so happy that our friends and llama shearer, Judy, was able to recommend a vet to us. Dr. Heather Davis and her assistant Kristen scheduled a farm visit and spent lots of good time here meeting all of the various animals and evaluating their health. They were able to look at Alfalfa and determine that he does not have a shoulder injury but rather arthritis in her knee. She will be receiving a daily dose of meloxicam. They also looked at Loki and determined his body condition is perfect for a milk goat. Since he is a male, he does not need to gain any extra weight on him and is very healthy. She also checked out Angel and her inverted knees and we will continue her on meloxicam. All the goats were evaluated and determined to be in good health.

Dr. Heather and Elizabeth created an internal bond, by doing so, Elizabeth was very cooperative for her treatment of the facial abscess, which included: a shot of penicillin, a shot of exceed, drainage of the abscess, and a prognosis that the abscess would heal quickly. Dr. Heather was also able to trim Elizabeth's teeth. Both are now together with beautiful smiles.

We look forward to working with Dr. Heather and keeping all of our animals healthy. Dr. Davis also did a wellness check on our chickens, she found that one of our roosters have leg mites that were the cause of lumpy scaly legs. Our treatment will be to apply Vaseline to the legs causing the mites to suffocate.  All in all, thank you to the doctors for taking time here to get to know our animals and us here at the Edwards foundation. 

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