Friday, May 29, 2020

Our Hero, Hercules

Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals is excited to introduce the newest member of the family, Hercules. He is a  big, beautiful, Palomino gelding cross draft horse. He hails all the way from The  Sombrero Ranch in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains..  He was the lead horse and ridden by Ruth Miller. Our volunteers are doing a great job of making him feel welcome in his new forever home by  making sure he has enough water, food, love and everything else he may need. As Hercules adjusts to the lower altitude and his new home he basks in all the love, attention and making new friends.. Hercules is known as a "bomb proof," horse, because of his calm and friendly nature. Everyone who has met him, has fallen in love with him. He is NOT a rescued horse.  He is the private horse for Lynda.  His job is to help educate volunteers on the care and feeding of Equines.  His other job is to be a companion and best friend to Dealer who has been very distraught over the loss of his best friend for many years, Goldie.

Welcome to the family Hercules!

He makes Dealer look like a pony.
Ryann from Terolyn Horse Rescue has helped to make sure Hercules is settled in.

Anthony from C-Cross Farriers came to trim this big guys feet.  His feet are strong enough that he does not need shoes and will be fine barefoot.

Hercules is making friends here.  Volunteer Anthony gives him some special TLC.  It takes many hands because it is a big job to brush him.

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