Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Time for the llama summer trim

Time for the llamas to get a hair cut and a trim!

Thank you Judy and Kurt fromRockwood LLamas for coming out and trimming up the llamas.

Some very concerned llamas on who will be first.

The first client of the morning, Kanga.

Gotta get your nails done!  Volunteer Richard is ready to help.
Judy does an annual nail trim and wellness check.
An easy way to shed a few pounds.

Who knew that cleaning up llamas would make for such a good show?  Roxanne and Josh are ready to collect the fiber.

Supervisors of the shearing crew.  Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up for our Annual Memorial day shearing.  The girls cheer on the team effort,  Annette, Kimberly, Anna, and Kira

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